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Sundays with Unity


Unity Chess Sunday Tournament  SUNDAYS WITH UNITY
Unity Chess International Tournament
August 30th, 2020

$5,000 Cash prizes for more than 260 players

Unity Chess Club used to have all different kind of tournaments, but temporarily due to Coronavirus we have now organizing only two online tournaments.
One of these tournaments is Sundays with Unity .
The Sundays with Unity is an international monthly online chess tournament with $5,000 prizes for each month and for more than 260 players! which holds by lichess website platform in one sunday of per month. In this tournament all players of world can participant and experience playing with titled chess masters such as grandmasters, international masters or fide masters and or other titled players.

Untitled & U2200 Chee Tournament

Unity Chess Sunday Tournament  UNTITLED & U2200
Unity Chess International Untitled U2200 Championship

$1,200 Cash prizes for 220 players

This tournament will be held on Sundays with the participation of untitled players without ratings and with ratings below 2200.
Unity Chess International Untitled U2200 Championship tournament has $1,200 cash prizes for 220 players and participation is open to all players from all countries with the above conditions.

Unity Chess News & Articles

  The Russian chess Super Grandmaster, Dmitry Andreikin became the Sundays with Unity champion again!!

Friday, July 17th, 2020

The 17th week of the Unity Online Blitz Tournament held on Sunday, July 12, with 1218 players and...

  GM Dmitry Andreikin became the champion of this week in Sundays with Unity tournament!!

Thursday, July 9th, 2020

Sundays with Unity in its sixteenth week, with more than 1,200 participants went through a hot...

  Numbers of participants in Sundays with Unity

Tuesday, July 7th, 2020

Online internet tournaments are now available in different parts of the world and the chess...

  What do the participants say about the Sundays with Unity tournament?

Saturday, July 4th, 2020

Many chess players from different parts of the world participate in the Sundays with Unity...

The most important feature of the chess position is the activity of the pieces. This is absolutely fundamental in all phases of the game: Opening, Middlegame and especially Endgame. The primary constraint on a activity of piece is the pawn structure.

- Michael Stean
English chess grandmaster

A plan is made for a few moves only, not for the whole game.

- Rueben Fine
American chess grandmaster, psychologist, university professor

You need to motivate yourself, no matter what-definitely when things are bad, but also when things are good. Or else, you risk becoming complacent.

- Viswanathan Anand
Indian chess grandmaster and former world chess champion

A draw can be obtained not only by repeating moves, but also by one weak move.

- Savielly Tartakower
French-Polish chess grandmaster



At Unity Chess Club, you will receive world class training along with a rich learning environment that caters to each individual. We are committed to providing warm hospitality, high-quality facilities, and learning resources that the modern chess student will appreciate. Chess classes are taught by talented chess players from around the globe with strong emphasis on quality, comprehensiveness, and practicality.

Unity Chess Club


Unit Package deals to help you save!

Units are a type of currency that you may purchase to be used toward all activities in Unity Chess Club. Units are transferable, non-refundable, and do not expire. An individual unit costs $25 dollars, but the following packages are a great way to save money

Unity Chess Mission


Unity Chess Club is committed to providing a positive atmosphere for individuals to grow as chess players and as people. With our expert coaching staff and outstanding location, we are dedicated to cultivating a sense of unity through chess.

Unity Chess Vision


We hope to encourage the growth of chess players by providing an encouraging environment for all ages and levels to improve and enjoy the wonderful game of chess. Whether you are just beginning to move the pieces, competing in tournaments to improve, or looking for an opportunity to further appreciate the ancient game, Unity Chess Club is the ideal setting to follow your chess ambitions.

Unity Chess Values


We value a professional, world-class approach to training our students, maintaining a high-quality facility, and cultivating many great opportunities to pursue and surpass any goals students have in chess.

Unity Chess Strength


Our diverse, friendly, highly qualified coaching staff brings an elite standard of chess instruction. Unity Chess Club helps perfect key skills such as concentration, deep calculation, and strategy.

Our Chess Stars

Steve Wongso

Unity Chess Club Star

Impressive performance by Steve Wongso at the North American Open with 4.5/7 in the under 2300 section!
Steve is now over 1900 and also qualifies for the World Cadet Championships Under 10 in Weifang, China in August, 2019!!

Jayden Lee

Unity Chess Club Star

Jayden Lee reached a new peack rating of 2050! Thanks to Jayden s excellent effort, he quqlifies for the World Cadet Chess Championships U12 in Weifang, China in August, 2019!!

Sophia Peng

Unity Chess Club Star

Sophia Peng is one of the Unity Chess Club clever students. She is a strong chess player in her range. Sophia won first place under 1600 at the US woman’s Open tournament, June 2018!! Also Sophia Peng managed to pass 1700 at the September Unity Open Tournament With a peak rating over 1700, Sophia qualified for the World Cadet Chess Championships Girl U12 in Weifang, China in August, 2019!!

Merissa Wongso

Unity Chess Club Star

Tremendous achievment by Merissa Womgso who passed 1700 at the North American Open! Her new peak rating qualifies her for the World Cadet Chess Championships Girls U12 in Weifang, China in August, 2019!!

Roshan Sethoraman

Unity Chess Club Star

Roshan Sethuraman gained 500 rating points in four months going from 1100 to over 1600! His great performance and hard work qualifies him for the World Cadet Chess Championships U8 in Weifang, China in August, 2019!!

Gavin Zhang

Unity Chess Club Star

Gavin Zhang, one of UNITY CHESS CLUB STARS. He won clear 1st in Challengers Section of PNWCC Fide Open and qualify for entry into Open Masters Section next FIDE Open in March!!



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